By law, the operator of a vehicle with a tachograph must fulfill the following obligations:

  1. Download data from the tachograph
  2. Download driver card data
  3. Archive and evaluate downloaded data to monitor compliance with social legislation, in particular Regulation 561/2006 . For digital data, this can be determined using a special program) - Attention! It's not enough to just download the data!

How often is it necessary to read data from the tachograph?

  • Tachograph data at least once every 3 months
  • Driver card data at least once every 28 days

How do I comply with legal obligations?

You can purchase download devices. These devices allow you to download data from the tachograph as well as data from driver cards thanks to the integrated chip card reader.

The , which will allow downloaded data to be archived on a computer and subsequently evaluated according to the law . The program also has a wide range of other useful reports. Just choose the version of the program according to the number of vehicles that the company has in operation. In the event that the fleet expands in the future, it is sufficient to purchase only the extension to the required number of vehicles in addition to the original program.

The above-mentioned download device together with the Tagra. eu can be purchased at a discounted price as a complete package .

These are the most important things you need to download tachograph data and comply with legal obligations.