Dálkové stahování dat - DOWNLOAD BOX REMOTE

Remote data download - DOWNLOAD BOX REMOTE

The device for remote download of data from tachographs and driver cards is an ideal complement to the TAGRA.eu program.


Who is remote data download useful for?

For all those who want to download data from tachographs conveniently, fully automatically, at statutory intervals and without additional unnecessary costs..

Features and benefits of the DBR system

  • Automatic data download from tachograph memory (files M_*.DDD).
  • Automatic data download from driver and co-driver card (files C_*.DDD).
  • Can be used on all kind of tachographs supporting remote data download (Siemens from version 1.3b (year 2009), Stoneridge from version 7.1 (2009)..., for 12V and 24V supply.
  • Settings, control and automatic data retrieval takes place directly from the TAGRA.eu program

How does it work?

  1. The Download Box Remote is installed in the vehicle and connected to the tachograph.
  2. Using the company card inserted in the card reader, which is connected to the PC, the downloadable tachograph is unlocked.
  3. Data are downloaded automatically according to the set number of days (ideally 28). It is also possible to trigger an extraordinary manual download.
  4. The downloaded data are sent to the server in the standardized format C * DDD and M * DDD.Subsequently, the TAGRA.eu software automatically loads and evaluates them.


  • Siemens VDO - from version 1.3b (y. 2009) and higher. The version is indicated on the label in the tachograph printer socket.(For a list of unsupported VDO tachographs that have a version higher than 1.3b, seehere)
  • Stoneridge - from version 7.1 (y. 2009) and higher. The version is indicated on the main tachograph label. 
  • It is necessary to verify that the remote data download function is enabled in the tachograph. Alternatively, it is possible to have this function unlocked in AMS.

Example from practice

In practice, it may look like you come to a PC where is running TAGRA.eu software and all the data are already loaded and ready for evaluation of infringements . The data are stored on the server for 2 years./p>

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Download Box Remote

Download Box Remote

Device enabling remote automatic download of data from tachographs and driver cards directly to the TAGRA.eu software.

Download Box II S

Download Box II S

Download data from the digital tachograph and directly from the driver card and transfer to a PC.
The download status is shown on the display. Internal lithium battery, memory: 8 GB

Download Station

Download Station

Download Station includes Download Box II S, 220V mains supply and a metal lockable box with the possibility of mounting on the wall. Suitable for interiors.
Download Station
Download Station GSM
Download Station Wi-Fi

Scanner Canon Lide 220

Scanner Canon Lide 220

To scan tachocharts into TAGRA.eu for accurate analysis

Čtečka čipových karet

Card reader

To read data from driver cards

Rozšířená záruka na stahovací zařízení

Extended warranty on the download device

Do you want to be sure that you will always have your download device available?
In the event of a failure in your equipment during the two-year warranty, we guarantee the immediate replacement of a defective product with a new piece.